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AJFX Fix API Bridge

We at AJFX well known for offering a full FIX API Bridge solution to the brokerage agencies for all their advanced WL trading platforms. One can also link it to MT5 trading platform. It also comes with a free coverage account for your convenience.

In literal terms, FIX (Foreign information exchange) API (Application Programming Interface) is an electronic communication protocol used for financial information exchange in the FX market. We use it for communication between a broker and a liquidity provider within our MT4/MT5 trading platform.

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Why Use a FIX API?

FIX API is best suited to experienced traders who want the flexibility to use any programming language they desire. When using FIX API, you are getting a high-speed connection directly to our trading servers. You don’t have to go through third party programs such as MetaTrader 5, and you will generally see latency as low as 1 millisecond.

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